poetry orbs – astroviak x ArtErmira

A limited edition set of astrologically inspired poetry from astroviak, illustrated and animated by NY based digital artist ArtErmira.

the genesis: poetry inspired by the full moon in Capricorn, June 2021 https://foundation.app/@astroviak/~/52943

I first met ArtErmira on Instagram in September 2020. I was just starting out with poetry, and she was just starting out with artistic renders. Her ethereal, dreamy, and bright style immediately drew me in like a magnet. She was able to express everything I felt so purely. I was obsessed.

orb two of three: poetry inspired by the new moon in Cancer, July 2021 https://foundation.app/@astroviak/~/58105

She expressed a similar obsession and appreciation for my writing. I had (and have) a vision to provide creative writing in tandem with visual art from artists I admire. ArtErmira graciously agreed to my first Instagram collaboration in October 2020. In spring 2021, she suggested an NFT collaboration and I instantly accepted. By that point I had stepped out and started sharing my astrological observations publicly.

the third and final piece of the set: poetry inspired by the new moon in Leo, August 2021 https://foundation.app/@astroviak/~/70002

Astrology has been a study of mine since 2014. The archetypal symbolism of the planets and their positions is embedded in my worldview. My intent with my creative writing is to inspire the reader to enter a more abstract world, not necessarily free of pain, but where tension can be addressed, released, and evolved from. The process is worth celebrating!

Curious to learn more about any of these pieces? Check out their corresponding Twitter threads for more details.

View ArtErmira’s work on Instagram and engage with her on Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok.

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