Late Bloomer

Hi, friends. I’m so happy to be invited here, and I am so happy to share pieces of my poetry with you all. I don’t have any ongoing collections yet. I am new to the NFT world, and I am still exploring what that might look like for me as I continue to share my writing. I welcome feedback about what works for you and what doesn’t. I’m strictly on Hic et Nunc for now. Most of what I post will be text or text along with spoken word. For now, I’d like to share this piece I just posted: “Late Bloomer.” There are many things in life that I dreamed or hoped for but I didn’t immediately achieve. This poem is about being slow and steady in life, and how that’s okay.  There are five editions available, and they are 1 tez each. I will post the text below.

Late Bloomer

For the tardiness
of nasturtium and her fiery
fairies rushing, bustling
behind our glances,

for the late redwine lilacs
who miss our festivals
and with purpose and flair
bloom precisely
when they ought,

we two stroll by at last,
hearts afire, and happen
upon the kindred blossoms

of hardy shoots who
took their time
prepared and watched,
weathered icy frosts,

who whispered to us
called out for us
waiting underground.

I bunkered down.
I married late,
have yet no child

worked back to bone
while tendrils,
slowly, greedily
gripped the stalk
to be sure,
be sure
there will
be a bloom
at all.

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