Journey of a Crypto Poet

The first poem I ever posted publicly on the internet was on Instagram. That was when the Instagram poets were getting all the glory. I was inspired to write it while I walked home one night. I live on a boat in San Francisco Bay, and I was strolling down to the docks when I noticed a night heron standing on the rocks opposite of the docks. The stillness of the heron of the night overcame me, and I was compelled to stop and marvel at the creature. In that moment of silence I felt strands of connection with the bird, stirring up thoughts and emotions I attempted to capture in verse.

The night heron stands at the water,
She presents time bygone, the eons past,
Borne on the gentle rays of the full moon,
Glittering splendidly in silver beauty,
She is the serenity of stars playing hide and seek,
She is stillness, the very fabric of darkness itself.

O night heron, reveal to me ā€“
The source of your mystery,
I desire your secrets as my own,
The thought, Iā€™d no longer be alone.
Yet she is not one to be tamed,
No, she could not bear to be claimed.
What lies in a cage but woe,
Stolen beauty, a mere shadow.

The night heron stays not till dawn.
I look back for her; she is gone.

~ The Night Heron

While I think my friends did appreciate that piece, they just weren’t the right audience. I didn’t want to bore them with my incessant poetic meanderings. So I began to search the internet for a creative outlet, somewhere with a community dedicated to writing and sharing poetry. After exploring a few different sites, I settled on Hello Poetry is a smaller community, and invite only. You can request an invite by submitting a poem to them. It made me nervous. I thought with trepidation, “What if my poetry isn’t good enough and I get rejected from the community?” It took me a few days to think about what to send in. I revised the night heron poem several times, and decided on that. I sent it in. A day later, I was approved. Then my poem caught fire and started trending on the main page. People began following me. I was ecstatic.

I loved Hello Poetry. There are no ads on the site to made me feel like a cow being milked for traffic. The design is simplistic. The home page is a real time trending list of popular poems getting attention. Profiles can be followed, just like any other social media. In fact, this was the first social media platform I ever cared about. I got a rush when people liked and shared my poems, even more when they followed me. I began to write poetry everyday, and even more when the pandemic lockdown hit. It was my happy place.

empty highway overlooking mountain under dark skies

From a Traveller

One day I’ll be gone.
Do not cry for me
It was always meant to be
Like this.
I, a traveler in this life
Journey onward seeking.

I think to places I’ve been
Tales and visions and glory seen
Stones of great cities far and wide
Speak to stories, times of great pride.
Snow capped peaks, spine of the world
Shimmering mystery of heights untouched
Give down in endless amber plains graze the antelope freed
From bounds as trains roll through the scene
Onward to horizons hiding lands unseen.

No longer am I there
Memories turned to ash and dust
Time, the destroyer of all
Spares none come nightfall.

This feeble mind of mine
Journeys faithful through sands of time
Remembers few and far between
The kind words and kind souls
Pierced the boundaries that lie
Between here and there
If only for a moment.

I began to be obsessed with writing. I started to think about writing as a serious career. I held an office job at the time, a standard 9 to 5, and quitting seemed like a jump off a cliff. I had a lot of unanswered questions around that, many of which I’m still currently exploring. How would I publish my work? Would I be able to make a living through my writing? What kinds of writing would work best for me?

My newfound interest in writing happened to merge unexpectedly with my interest with cryptocurrency. I had gotten into the cryptocurrency world just in time to experience the wild ride and terrible crash back in 2018. I wasn’t a true believer then, and during the crash, I sold nearly all my Bitcoin. Noob mistake. I thought Bitcoin was a fad and that it would eventually collapse. But my perspective has changed. Since I’ve explored the crypto world again, I’ve come to understand its potential in the financial realm and beyond. I’m actively exploring the blockchain’s ability to create new communities, new interactions, and new ways of transmitting art. In the NFT scene, I realized that I had found an outlet for my poetry.

red heart balloon on top of floor

Be the heart that speaks
That shows its candid splendor,
Expresses its simple love –
Be the one who smiles
Instead of the one who smiles back not.
Even though it pains
When icy tentacles pierce the open gates
Plunging down to frightful depths.
Because you will find that love
Is stronger than its opposite
Tears down all walls
Rebuilds all bonds,
Love is all that’s left
After all else been seen.

I’m just beginning this journey as a poet in the NFT space. Who knows, maybe soon I’ll take my other writings here as well. I have a deep interest in philosophy, and hope to write reflective stories and experiences to share. As my life changes rapidly, I am grateful for the paths I have trodden to arrive here. I’m excited to open the next chapter here with all of you in the Crypto Poetry community. May our poems flourish and prosper.

I hope you enjoy my poems. Soon, I’ll be releasing a collection of them as collectable NFTs. Follow my journey and connect with me on Twitter (link below). I hope to hear from you soon šŸ™‚

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