Voice-over, words & texture

I’m a Voice-over artist, puppeteer, poet and performer in Virtual Reality, based in South Africa. 

What drives me as an artist: I love texture, the power of words, storytelling in all its forms and working with physical materials. 

I have always had the ability to spot what I call “little earthquakes” (a term coined by singer Tori Amos), these tiny moments in life that seem to pass by unnoticed by many, yet have a profound impact on the person experiencing it. I try to capture these moments in my poetry.

I like movement, the moving image, and how emotion can be conveyed through movement.

My Foundation genesis project is guided meditations Voice Over NFTs. https://foundation.app/marinda_eth 

My KnownOrigin genesis project is poetry in the form of video art.

I am minting a collection of ten spoken word poems about family, the self and death. The collection is called: A sense of belonging. As we are all finding our feet in this wonderful new world of the metaverse, I find it interesting to juxtapose those feelings with the intensity of our mundane existence IRL. The films contain macro-filmmaking footage of 1/1 hand-painted watercolour covers and are voiced by a professional voice over artist (me :)). https://knownorigin.io/marinda  This collection will be followed up with a different token-release project that provides access to the e-book poetry anthology.

I am also an actor interested in merging virtual and real-life performances, as I believe it is the future (saviour) of theatrical entertainment. I am in the pre-production phase for a big project centred around utilising IRL wooden carved marionettes and bringing them into the Virtual Reality space (Eventually, I’m thinking this is a four-year project. For now I just want to carve them, write a story and build a community around the project). 

Please follow me on Twitter for updates on all of these projects https://twitter.com/Marinda_ETH Thank you 🙂

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