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Right now, all NFT marketplaces converge on It frustrates me that the future of art sales is currently just a dogpile of advertisements on so called “shill threads.” This can be overwhelming for those entering the space for the first time.

I won’t give you another list of accounts to follow and I won’t give you guidelines on how to showcase your NFTs! There are plenty of articles about this out there already, and I am no expert. My advice is: don’t anger yourself or the algorithm!

There is no way to translate Twitter time into NFT sales. It is easy to burn out on such social media sites. NFT Twitter has been described as a nonstop, international party. The vibes are immaculate, and the art is amazing! Just don’t count on chronic virtue signaling to carry your mental health.

Sensational Stocks
Markets can't make more emotions than two
up, then down
but we swim in an emotional soup
deny the degrees and you will drown
without written words
the ones that no one wants to say
to share with loved ones
and confess to the self
we will lose our way

After some experimenting with the Tezos blockchain, I have listed my first poems for 1 XTZ each (currently $6.38 USD) on objkt! This is exciting for me because I want my art to be available to everyone. Gas is currently affordable on the Tezos blockchain, which is not the case for Ethereum.

These poems come from Twitter, actually! They were inspired by prompts and passing thoughts. I figured this is a solid way to get Twitter time counted as work =]

Speak Up
I woke up early to get some
Stuff done before class..
But a friend slid into my DMs,
They've been struggling
I'm not one to be dismissive
When I hear "depression"
Don't get me wrong, I know
We can all be brought down
By daily repetitions and
Daunting digital daredevils
But that word doesn't draw
Lips together too often
So, I listened, shared
What smoke I blow to soften
I'd rather miss class than see
Another friend in a coffin

This mentions a friend I lost this past year. November being men’s mental health month, I guess it is an appropriate time for such sentiment. I do wish it would be easier to talk about these things, though. I haven’t been able to write about his passing until now. At his funeral, his depression was disregarded. I wrote this with heavy tears.

Let us weep on a friend’s shoulder, soldier.

The Hole
A pit in the ground
Bulldozers goin at it
Pound for pound
Look what I found
A sacred burial mound

Can't hear the construction
Conscience screams too loud
Won't ever see the spoils
Can't tell smoke from a cloud

When digging,
Make sure your hole
Fits your head
All the way around

This one was a prompt, “The Hole.” I was calling from my experiences in both Ocmulgee, GA and Clear Water, MN. I have a full-length poem written about the former! It is currently being edited with its collection. I am hoping to write more about my time at the StopLine3 camps, but my creative process cannot be rushed… Thank you for reading!

Screen showing drone footage of a construction site.
Drone footage showing the drill pad where a tar-sands pipeline was sent underneath the Mississippi River. Forest fires caused the AQI to rise above 200 while I was there. A dozen chemical spills were documented at this easement (Camp Firelight).
Chuck Thompson
Chuck Thompson

aka Chieck! Scientist and adventurer writing social commentary =]

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