Oddness Drop for January 2022


I’ve dropped the Oddness 2022 collection items for January. The Oddness 2022 collection consists of haikus I wrote and plan to write during the year 2022 on magnified sections of CC0-based surreal art. Each haiku written in January was initially priced at Ξ.005 ; those in February will be at Ξ.01 ; those in March will be at Ξ.02, and so on, doubling in price every month. If you were to bet on my success at making these haikus popular, then it would make sense for you to buy all of the items still unsold from the cheapest month, thereby doubling the floor price, and then offering them for sale at slightly below the floor price. Each haiku was inspired by 3 twitter poetry prompts for the day on which they were written, which can be seen in the NFT’s properties within OpenSea, and which I used on the day to spread awareness of the haikus. Other properties include the syllable breakdown of each line by word – so for example the line “Descending the stair” would have a syllable property of “3-1-1”, meaning there are 3 words in the line, the first of which has three syllables, the second of which has one syllable, and the third of which has one syllable. The CC0 artist used for the background of that haiku is also listed as a property – all of these properties taken in combination can be used to provide some rarity measurements among the haikus, even with those at the same price level. Haikus from January to August will be hosted on the Polygon side chain; those from September to December will be hosted directly on Ethereum, because September is the month at which the monthly-doubling floor price exceeds an entire ether (i.e. it reaches Ξ1.28), at which point the fees for transacting on Ethereum should no longer seem outrageous in comparison to the price of the NFT, even if the ethereum transition to Proof-of-Stake planned currently in June were to never occur or get delayed.

In addition, each Monthly addition to the entire Oddness 2022 collection will be housed in its own 3-dimensional Virtual Reality gallery to further awareness of the collection. The January gallery should be connected to the first link above.

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