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Do you enjoy semantic reflections? Are you enthralled by sociolinguistic variances? Do you utterly devour new terms? If so, this post may catch your fascination!

Each NFT in this cross-chain cryptopoetry collection of mine was independently crafted and specifically minted on each of three different energy-efficient blockchains.

A black letter "L" on a white background, gently fading in and out. Lexiems are poetry NFTs available for ownership on various platforms and blockchains.
Lexiems are independent poetry NFTs available for ownership on various platforms and blockchains. They play with the relative meanings we put on words and phrases.

“Teach English and travel the world!” I was told, in a previous life.

With a mediocre shrug, I enrolled in my second year of post-secondary courses to do just that. It turned out that I was more interested in world travel and delving into the philosophy of language than I was to teach English (of all languages). So, I dropped out with only one course remaining to complete my certificate.

That uncertain, curious, and otherwise random liberal arts experience in my early adulthood is something I reference when my outlook is in need of recalibration. It was a period of time that clarified the type of linguistic expressions that I’m both attracted to and am motivated to create.

As a side quest during that period, I met a friend who introduced me to the vast field of astrology, the symbolic language of time, but that’s a story for another day


Lexiem is a created word, a mashup of lexeme and poem. Lexeme has the root lexis: “pertaining to words”. A lexeme is a unit of lexical meaning that underlies a set of words that are related through inflection. Inflection is a process of word formation in which a word is modified to express different grammatical categories such as:

  • case,
  • voice,
  • mood,
  • tense,
  • aspect,
  • person,
  • gender,
  • number,
  • animacy, and
  • definiteness.

Thank you, Wikipedia for providing 70.7% of the word content of the above paragraph.

What I’m trying to bring your attention to is that – subconsciously – we associate words with a variety of intents and functions, but what happens when we bring those associations to light? What if we dissolved traditional sentence structures? What if we re-imagined clich├ęs? What if words could be used and fenangled with in the same way that we interact with watercolour paint? What if words, letters, characters were drastically more blendable, softer, and more impressionable than they first appear?

Could we create (or at least discover) new forms of thought? Could we liberate ourselves from the supposed spells we unknowingly bind ourselves in? That’s my hope! All Lexiems are (radically?) freely open to the reader’s interpretation, and are gently, simply animated towards that end.

I hope you enjoy browsing the collection here: lexiems.crd.co. Read on to learn more about the original intention behind each of the three NFTs I’ve minted and why I minted them where I did.

1. no worries – the genesis NFT

The genesis NFT in this collection, no worries, is also my first solo NFT ever. In the details section of the platform, you can see this NFT is token ID #0. It’s minted on a contract I own (thanks to wemint.art) on the Polygon protocol, a more affordable and efficient Ethereum alternative for now. Read about the astrology of “no worries” here.

2. unaffordable – musing on value

unaffordable, minted with Kephi on KardiaChain

My second NFT is unaffordable, minted on KardiaChain in a collection I own. What’s interesting about KardiaChain is its interoperability vision for smart contracts to be created/run on multiple blockchains – with no need for participating chains to change. Read about the philosophy and astrology of “unaffordable” here.

3. eth wish – gently scrambling the concept of desire

The third NFT in this cross-chain collection is eth wish, minted on Tezos, again in a collection I own. It’s an edition of 12. First swaps are available by donation – all offers are accepted. Among other things, it references the consequences of lust. Read more about the philosophy and astrology of “eth wish” here.

Tezos has always been an intriguing blockchain to me for a number of reasons.

  1. Its inherently more energetically efficient Proof of Stake mechanism and consensus protocol.
  2. The vibrant indie spirit of the NFT community surrounding it (especially in the early days of hicetnunc.xyz, objkt.com, and now teia.art (and many more).
  3. Its interesting crypto-anarchist origins

Thank You!

This concludes my introduction to Lexiems – thank you for your time and attention! I trust that these NFTs will continue to hold value for the community as the space evolves. Do check out their corresponding astrological Twitter threads linked above, if you happen to feel so inclined. Because each NFT was minted with specific astrological symbolism and intent, one of their major purposes is to serve as meaning markers on the blockchain as a sort of historical significator.

Future NFTs will continue to be minted and offered on chains and platforms that genuinely provide the most autonomy and energy efficiency for all users.


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