Oddness Drop for January 2022

I’ve dropped the Oddness 2022 collection items for January. The Oddness 2022 collection consists of haikus I wrote and plan to write during the year 2022 on magnified sections of CC0-based surreal art. Each haiku written in January was initially priced at Ξ.005 ; those in February will be at Ξ.01 ; those in MarchContinue reading “Oddness Drop for January 2022”

Machine Translations in Poetry

is sense the same as nonsense ? or is one more beautiful than the other ? if you write a poem in your native language, and then have a machine translate it into a different language, is the poem still ‘poetic?’ even with garbled translations, i suspect that the poem can still be beautiful, andContinue reading “Machine Translations in Poetry”