Lexiems: CryptoPoetry From @astroviak

Do you enjoy semantic reflections? Are you enthralled by sociolinguistic variances? Do you utterly devour new terms? If so, this post may catch your fascination! Each NFT in this cross-chain cryptopoetry collection of mine was independently crafted and specifically minted on each of three different energy-efficient blockchains. “Teach English and travel the world!” I wasContinue reading “Lexiems: CryptoPoetry From @astroviak”

poetry orbs – astroviak x ArtErmira

A limited edition set of astrologically inspired poetry from astroviak, illustrated and animated by NY based digital artist ArtErmira. I first met ArtErmira on Instagram in September 2020. I was just starting out with poetry, and she was just starting out with artistic renders. Her ethereal, dreamy, and bright style immediately drew me in likeContinue reading “poetry orbs – astroviak x ArtErmira”