Lexiems: CryptoPoetry From @astroviak

Do you enjoy semantic reflections? Are you enthralled by sociolinguistic variances? Do you utterly devour new terms? If so, this post may catch your fascination! Each NFT in this cross-chain cryptopoetry collection of mine was independently crafted and specifically minted on each of three different energy-efficient blockchains. “Teach English and travel the world!” I wasContinue reading “Lexiems: CryptoPoetry From @astroviak”

Oddness Drop for January 2022

I’ve dropped the Oddness 2022 collection items for January. The Oddness 2022 collection consists of haikus I wrote and plan to write during the year 2022 on magnified sections of CC0-based surreal art. Each haiku written in January was initially priced at Ξ.005 ; those in February will be at Ξ.01 ; those in MarchContinue reading “Oddness Drop for January 2022”

Lyrics Liberated by @_cryptopoet

I minted my first NFT poetry collection, Lyrics Liberated, not long ago on the Polygon network using my own code to deploy a custom smart contract. It has since debuted on OpenSea. The collection’s beautiful artwork was done by Maestro, a good friend of mine, using an AI algorithm that mixed the styles of twoContinue reading “Lyrics Liberated by @_cryptopoet”

New OBJKT.com Collection: Hiraeth Poems by @pyramnesiac

New Collection: Hiraeth Poems I am so excited to present my new collection to you: Hiraeth Poems. This post is long, but for a TL;DR: I’m launching a new collection on OBJKT.com, which will become the home for most of my future poetry drops. I am opening it with the numbered stanzas of my poemContinue reading “New OBJKT.com Collection: Hiraeth Poems by @pyramnesiac”

From Twitter to Tezos

Right now, all NFT marketplaces converge on twitter.com. It frustrates me that the future of art sales is currently just a dogpile of advertisements on so called “shill threads.” This can be overwhelming for those entering the space for the first time. I won’t give you another list of accounts to follow and I won’tContinue reading “From Twitter to Tezos”

“My Sister” by @pyramnesiac

I dropped “My Sister” on Hic et Nunc a couple of days ago, but I wanted to write more about it here. I have had some feedback on this poem, commenting on the relationships between sisters. And if that’s in this poem for you, if that’s what you get out of it, that’s perfectly valid.Continue reading ““My Sister” by @pyramnesiac”

Machine Translations in Poetry

is sense the same as nonsense ? or is one more beautiful than the other ? if you write a poem in your native language, and then have a machine translate it into a different language, is the poem still ‘poetic?’ even with garbled translations, i suspect that the poem can still be beautiful, andContinue reading “Machine Translations in Poetry”

Voice-over, words & texture

I’m a Voice-over artist, puppeteer, poet and performer in Virtual Reality, based in South Africa.  What drives me as an artist: I love texture, the power of words, storytelling in all its forms and working with physical materials.  I have always had the ability to spot what I call “little earthquakes” (a term coined byContinue reading “Voice-over, words & texture”

poetry orbs – astroviak x ArtErmira

A limited edition set of astrologically inspired poetry from astroviak, illustrated and animated by NY based digital artist ArtErmira. I first met ArtErmira on Instagram in September 2020. I was just starting out with poetry, and she was just starting out with artistic renders. Her ethereal, dreamy, and bright style immediately drew me in likeContinue reading “poetry orbs – astroviak x ArtErmira”