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Kai is a poet and writer living on a boat. He is always on the move, enjoying the new rhythms, projects, and experiences motion attracts into his life. He enjoys exploring different ways of life through contact with different people and cultures, appreciating how diverse yet universal the human experience can be. The universal through the diverse is a recurring theme in his poetry, which stitches together memories, experiences, and imagination through a wide expanse of time and space.
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Astrologer, writer, collaborator, poet.
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Poet and freelance editor, lover of speculative fiction, myths and legends, the unexplored and unexplainable.
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Wilde is a British songwriter-turned-cryptopoet, born in London and still based just stumbling distance from the Old Smoke. Inspiration includes RPGs, prompts from Discord chats, NFT projects and other things from the deep, dark reaches of the web.
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MBC Cryptopoems

Max is a poet, writer, and composer living in Washington DC. He practices various art forms including music composition, and poetry; and he’s captivated by understanding what allows for ideas and experiences to be relatable.
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Tripp is a poet, illustrator and electronic music producer from the UK. Her previous creative work includes award nominated music collaboration “Unknown Archetype” (R&S Records). Tripp’s poetry focuses on topics of hedonism, love and human connection, accompanied by her signature minimalist illustrations.
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Student of life and university. Travels in pursuit of knowledge. Creating with radical love and inclusion.
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I’m a Voice over artist, puppeteer, poet and performer in Virtual Reality, based in South Africa.
What drives me as an artist: I love texture, the power of words, storytelling in all its forms and working with physical materials.
I have always had the ability to spot what I call “little earthquakes” (a term coined by singer Tori Amos), these tiny moments in life that seem to pass by unnoticed by many, yet have a profound impact on the person experiencing it. I try to capture these moments in my poetry.
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I am a poet with over 25 years of programming experience. I write poems and pair them with CC0 graphics as NFTs, and have self-published poetry books.
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Andrew Dante

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I’ve been writing music and poetry since I was a young teenager, got inspired by the NFT world to keep the dream alive. Poetry has always been apart of my life.

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Paolo Gambi

Italian poet and award-winning author, founder of Poetry Renaissance. He tries to perform poetry in the new languages of the post Gutenberg society.
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Five Minute Stories

I write poetry, short stories and musings to make comment on society, particularly the expectation of heteronormativity and patriarchal structures.
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The EAntechristo is an anonymous novelist and poet from St. Petersburg, Russia. He wrote The Vanishing Pyramid, a dystopian novel; as well as a Prequel Collection titled San Juan Monthly Reader, subtly disguised as a local gazette and traded as such, turning the project into a thought experiment. In the Prequels, Alexander/Daniel, the auteur/diplomatic asset who can hardly remember his own name, is tasked with bringing the apocalypse.
El_antechristo practices astrology, alchemy and theurgy on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.
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Tales from the Blockchain

Tales from the Blockchain is a collection of NFT-based flash fiction about life, death and crypto. These stories may only take a few minutes to read, but they’ll keep you thinking for days. Only those who purchase the NFT can read the story, via a secret, password-protected link in the OpenSea unlockable content section. Those who purchase the NFT will also receive an invite link to a private Discord server, an exclusive reading group where where you can chat to the author. The Tales from the Blockchain collection is by Enzo Chul Ortega, a British-Argentinian author and crypto-enthusiast, based in Buenos Aires.
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Poet, writer from Nicaragua, abstract painter and coder on the side.
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Roger Cupertino

Brazilian/ Italian, Born March 17th 1994.
Visual Artist | Spoken Word Poet Picked up the pencil in first grade and fell in love with art and found my love for poetry shortly after in the 4th grade.
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Margaret Corvid is a poet, loremaster and copywriter living in Plymouth, U.K. Her first poetry collection, Singing In The Dark Times, is published by Patrician Press.
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Poet, calligrapher, creator of “Inksplat,” “Crypticallography,” and “Uplifting Doughnuts” series. NFT art brut!
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I mainly explore the meaning of a home in my poetries.
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I’m a truthfully time respecting poet
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Graphic designer and artist, writer, poet and composer based in Sydney, Australia.
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Monique is a dancer, a painter, a fashion enthusiast, a writer of words, an all around poet. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature while simultaneously completing her debut poetry collection. She is left handed and adores the stars.
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C. Lala

My name is Crystal Lashaunda aka C. Lala. I truly enjoy exposing my creative thinking into art, NFTs, and poetry in my own way. I just happened to be a nurse with a poetic soul and love the different sensations my writings and art brings to not only myself but to those touched by my work. I am beyond thrilled about entering into the world of the unknown, the literary blockchain that is and looking forward to taking that joyride with other creative artists as well.
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The Mindful Inquisitor

Sydney seeks the great truths in life. Where once he felt it was achieved through logic, thought, and rigor, now he sees it comes via the absence of it. Through meditation, Sydney explores the world beyond thought. Much of his poetry aims to describe the indescribable, to articulate the inarticulable.
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| wordstobepoetry |

Just a woman who loves to write about life and music. | wordstobepoetry| is an ongoing writing NFT project, in English and French, exploring writing’s shades through perfectly imperfect poetry — short poem, short words, short stories, long stories, using right words without flaws and sometimes using wrong words with flaws.
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I am a poet from Italy.